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Van Voorst Lumber Company is a 110 year old family operated company specializing in industrial lumber products for commercial applications.  The company grew out of a retail hardware store started in the 1890s by George Van Voorst.  That business was developed through the 1950s by his son Gilbert Van Voorst.  Then in the 1960s, Gilbert’s son, Hugh, began transforming the business into an Industrial Lumber Company specializing in industrial skids, crates and wood products.  Today, the company provides a wide variety industrial lumber products and services to many great companies in the northern and central Illinois area.



Products & Services

Our products range from simple cut to size lumber to pallets to intricate, custom designed, heavy duty shipping crates.  We make products for domestic as well as export use.  Lumber materials include both hardwoods and softwood and fasteners ranging from nails, screws, bolts and custom manufactured steel supports. 

We can tailor our services to meet your needs including just in time delivery, custom billing and consignment billing.  We can also provide special services such as kitting and inventory control.

We designed and provide several customers with complete consignment inventory services.  In these scenarios we own the inventory at the customer’s facility eliminating their balance sheet item.  Each day we deliver, we take a complete inventory of the products we supply and replenish to min/max levels.  The customer is then billed according to agreement prices as the product is used.



Van Voorst Lumber Company has approximately 60,000 square feet of indoor manufacturing and inventory space.  We have an indoor semi dock and our own semis and flatbed trucks with which to deliver.   We manufacture all products indoors and can load and deliver them in fully enclosed trailers or flatbed trailers.



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